Therapeutic Ultrasound


  • Start Date: 01-02-2017
  • End Date: 31-07-2019

TOURISMED is a project aimed at testing and transferring a fishing tourism business model in the coastal territories of Italy, Cyprus, Greece, Albania, France and Spain as a way to promote a sustainable approach to tourism, while fostering the preservation of the marine ecosystem and traditional fishing culture of the MED region.

These areas face the common challenge of finding new solutions for the worrying depletion of marine resources, the decline of the artisanal fishing sector and the negative impacts of tourism such as social dislocation, loss of cultural heritage and ecological degradation.

As a response, the project objective is to promote fishing tourism as a sustainable coastal and maritime tourism practice in the MED area.Expected changes concern an improved use of resources by artisanal fishers, a diversification of income in the sector and a better valorization of coastal traditional heritage and local seafood. The project will produce a pilot test of the model and an evaluation tool to assess its replication in the concerned area.

A training course will involve fishermen to implement the touristic itineraries in synergy with local tourism operators. The final model will be promoted by a web tool to clients willing to set up a fishing tourism business, while an interactive map of itineraries will be used to reach tourists. Protocols with public bodies and fishing associations (MoU) will be followed by policy recommendations to ensure sustainability of project’s impacts.

Overall objective:

The project overall objective is to promote fishing tourism as a sustainable coastal and maritime tourism practice in the MED area.

Specific objectives:

1.To preserve and value maritime culture and artisanal fisheries traditions

2.To contribute to local economies through innovative and alternative eco-tourism products

3.To boost a sustainable use of marine ecosystems and fishing resources

Main results:

1) 90 fishermen trained in the management of a sustainable sea-based business

2) 6 tourism itineraries linked to the maritime traditional heritage and valorization of local seafood products

3) 1 integrated fishing-tourism business model

4) 6 regional fishing tourism consortia adopting the integrated business model

Target Groups:

  • 1. Public authorities – through networking activities and focus groups, thus contributing with feedbacks on the business model. They will take part in the workshop to discuss the final version after the pilot.
  • 2. Fishing associations/fishermen –they will have an active role in the pilot through a training course and in the implementation of the test.
  • 3. Tourism operators – they will be involved in focus groups and in the pilot testing by providing customers. They will also give feedback on the model.
  • 4. General public as tourists will participate to the pilot activity and contribute in the evaluation of the services.

The Partnership:

  • LP: Municipality of Trabia, Italy
  • PP1: International Promotion Sicily-World – PRISM, Italy
  • PP2:Promimpresa srl, Italy
  • PP3: Delfi Partners & Co, Cyprus
  • PP4: University of Piraeus, Greece
  • PP5: Cyprus University Of Technology, Cyprus
  • PP6: Durres Municipality, Albania
  • PP7: Italian Chamber of Commerce for France in Marseille, France
  • PP8: PETRA PATRIMONIA CORSICA – Coopérative pour le développement de l’emploi dans les métiers du patrimoine, France
  • PP9: Haliéus, Italy
  • PP10: Valenciaport Foundation, Spain





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  • ‘Parametric analysis of acoustical properties for optimizing Focused Ultrasound protocols under MRI guidance for the treatment of ischemic stroke’, role: coordinator, Duration: 2014-2016, funding, starting grant from CUT.
  • ‘MR compatible positioning device for multiple cancer targets’, Research promotion foundation, coordinator, 20,000 Euros, role: coordinator, Duration: 2016-2019, ΚΑΙΝΟΤΟΜΙΑ/ΕΥΡΕΣ/1114/03.
  • Continuous Regional Analysis Device for neonate Lung (CRADL), HORIZON 2020, PHC-18-2015, Topic: Establishing effectiveness of health care interventions in the paediatric population.1/1/16-1/1/19, Through Biomedical Research Foundation (BRF), CUT is represented by Christakis Damianou.

Group Photos

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The therapeutic ultrasound Laboratory was founded in September of 2012. The mission of the Laboratory is to perform research in the field of MRI guidance of therapeutic ultrasound mainly for applications in the brain. The laboratory specializes in the design of MRI compatible robots MRI. The strategic objective of the Laboratory is to create other applications of therapeutic ultrasound in medicine. The Laboratory includes complete equipment and has no dependency on any other laboratories. Head of the lab is Christakis Damianou (associate professor) who has 22 years of experience in this field and has participated in 24 research projects. The lab is housed in the Stoa Lanitis building.


Lead researcher
Christakis Damianou (Ph.D.)

Post docs
Christos Yiallouras (Ph.D.)- Post doc

Ph.D. students
Marinos Yiannakou
Chriso Petrou
Tereza Alecou
George Menikou (with City University London)
Nicolas Papadopoulos (with City University London)

Kleanthis Ioannides (M.D.)-Radiology
Ioasif Demitris- Veterinarian
Nicos Mylonas (Ph.D.)
Andreas Couppis (Ph.D.)

George Sayias (M.Sc.)
Kiriaki Siakou (M.Sc.)
Michalis Trimikliniotis (M.Sc. with Liverpool university).
Eva Epaminonta, (B.Sc. thesis for Cyprus University of Technology).
Margarita Theodoulou, (B.Sc. thesis for Cyprus University of Technology, internship through Focused ultrasound foundation, 2014).
Drakos Theocharis, (B.Sc. thesis for Cyprus University of Technology).
Christina Kalogirou (B.Sc. thesis for Cyprus University of Technology).
Constantinos Psillis (internship through Focused ultrasound foundation, 2015).
Theocharous Irodotos (internship through Focused ultrasound foundation, 2015).
Nikolas Evripidou (internship through Focused ultrasound foundation, 2016).


  • Acoustic attenuation measurement.
  • Acoustic absorption measurement.
  • Acoustic power measurement.
  • Acoustic intensity field measurement.
  • Diagnostic ultrasound
  • Therapeutic ultrasound
  • MRI compatible robots
  • 3 D printing with ABS