Therapeutic Ultrasound


The therapeutic ultrasound Laboratory was founded in September of 2012. The mission of the Laboratory is to perform research in the field of MRI guidance of therapeutic ultrasound mainly for applications in the brain. The laboratory specializes in the design of MRI compatible robots MRI. The strategic objective of the Laboratory is to create other applications of therapeutic ultrasound in medicine. The Laboratory includes complete equipment and has no dependency on any other laboratories. Head of the lab is Christakis Damianou (associate professor) who has 22 years of experience in this field and has participated in 24 research projects. The lab is housed in the Stoa Lanitis building.


Journal Publications

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Lead researcher
Christakis Damianou (Ph.D.)

Post docs
Marinos Yiannakou

Ph.D. students
Michalis Soteriou
Leonidas Ioannou
Tereza Alecou

Kleanthis Ioannides (M.D.)-Radiology
Ioasif Demitris- Veterinarian
Nicos Mylonas (Ph.D.)
Andreas Couppis (Ph.D.)

George Menikou (with City University London)
Nicolas Papadopoulos (with City University London)
Christos Yiallouras (Ph.D.)- Post doc
George Sayias (M.Sc.)
Kiriaki Siakou (M.Sc.)
Michalis Trimikliniotis (M.Sc. with Liverpool university).
Eva Epaminonta, (B.Sc. thesis for Cyprus University of Technology).
Margarita Theodoulou, (B.Sc. thesis for Cyprus University of Technology, internship through Focused ultrasound foundation, 2014).
Drakos Theocharis, (B.Sc. thesis for Cyprus University of Technology).
Christina Kalogirou (B.Sc. thesis for Cyprus University of Technology).
Constantinos Psillis (internship through Focused ultrasound foundation, 2015).
Theocharous Irodotos (internship through Focused ultrasound foundation, 2015).
Nikolas Evripidou (internship through Focused ultrasound foundation, 2016).