The second round of application submissions has started. Application deadline for the second round: Until June 30, 2024.

Shipping and Finance


The Program focuses on the shipping and the finance sectors which are considered as two key pillars for the development of the Cyprus economy, indissolubly related to a very broad range of financial services like banking, insurance, investment companies, portfolio managers, forex brokers etc, as well as to the shipping sector, the supply management chain and the management of trade and natural resources (e.g. oil and gas companies).

The primary goal of the MSc Shipping and Finance is to provide graduates with top-notch hard skills and help them develop all the required competencies -by offering both a strong academic and a professional background- so as to enable them to be the among the best applicants for high positions in financial institutions, shipping companies, financial departments of multinational organizations and business service providers.

Alongside, through the high-quality research offered by the Department, as well as through the channels of international dialogue between academia, industry, decision makers and government which are in place, the pursuit of doctoral studies is facilitated and encouraged. Moreover, apart from the open access to doctoral programs of prestigious universities all around the world, the MSc Shipping and Finance “grease the wheels” towards the acquisition of professional qualifications. Among others, the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (ICS) provides the following 3 exemptions to graduates of the Program:

  • ‘Introduction to Shipping' module
  • 'Economics of Sea Transport and International Trade' module, and
  • ‘Shipping Finance’ module


Last but not least, the Internship offers the suitable opportunity for the students who opt for, to understand the problems and trends governing businesses in the shipping, financial or adjacent sector, by integrating them in an environment of real working conditions.



The structure of the postgraduate programs of the Department of Finance, Accounting and Management Science is as follows:

1st semester [compulsory modules]

MSc Shipping and Finance

CFS 507: Financial Analysis and Applications

CFS 509: Statistical Analysis

CFS 510: Port Management and Economics

CFS 531: Maritime Economics

  • Workload of each module: 7.5 ECTS. 


2nd semester [compulsory modules]

MSc Shipping and Finance

CFS 530: Shipping Finance

CFS 534: Chartering

CFS 556: Financial & Shipping Risk Management

CFS 560: Seminars in Shipping and Finance

  • Workload of each module: 7.5 ECTS. 
  • From the 2nd semester onwards, students may select a Postgraduate Thesis, which continues during the summer period and the 3rd semester. Workload of the elective Postgraduate Thesis: 30 ECTS.


Summer period [elective modules]

MSc Shipping and Finance

CFS 528: Banking and Finance

CFS 558: Innovation of Technology – FinTech & ShipTech

ERP 900: Placement (internship)

  • The summer period applies to students who do not opt for the Postgraduate Thesis.
  • Workload of each module: 7.5 ECTS.
  • Students who do not opt for the Postgraduate Thesis, are required to select 2 modules during the Summer period, for a total workload of 15 ECTS.


3rd semester [elective modules]

MSc Shipping and Finance

CFS 511: Financial Theory & Corporate Policy

CFS 542: International Financial Management

CFS 551: Asset Pricing and Investments

CFS 561: Corporate Restructuring

CFS 562: Shipping Logistics

CFS 580: Postgraduate Thesis

CFS 850: Research Methods


  • Workload of CFS_580: 30 ECTS | Workload of CFS_850: 10 ECTS | Workload of all other modules: 7.5 ECTS
  • Students who do not opt for the Postgraduate Thesis, are required to select at least 2 modules during the 3rd semester, for a total workload of at least 15 ECTS.

At least 90 ECTS are required for the successful completion of each program.




Eligible to apply for the Master's programs are:

  1. Bachelor’s degree holders from a recognized university,
  2. Holders of a degree which has been recognized by the Cyprus Council of Recognition of Higher Education Qualifications (KYSATS) to be an equivalent to a bachelor’s degree,
  3. Undergraduate students, who are expected to receive a bachelor’s degree prior to the commencement of the Master’s program.


Application outcome

Candidates will be informed by email of the outcome of their application (correspondence will be sent to the email address stated when submitting the application). Candidates can be also informed about the progress and the outcome of their application through the University Portal.


Deadline for applications

30 April 2024

Supporting documentation

To apply, one must attach the following documents:

  • Photocopy of identity card or passport
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Photocopy of bachelor’s degree (or a certificate confirming that the bachelor’s degree will be obtained prior to the commencement of the Master’s program)
  • Detailed transcript of bachelor’s degree
  • Attaching letters of recommendation is not necessary. It is necessary though to state two names / details / telephone numbers of persons who could be potential referees and, if deemed necessary, the Department will contact them directly.

Significant note: Even though a certificate of proficiency in English is not required during the application process, applicants should be aware that for all Master’s programs a very good command of English is necessary.

The Department reserves the right to request additional -confidential or not- information or documentation from the candidate.

The application along with the supporting documents are submitted electronically, through the University Portal. For analytical guidelines on how to create your account with the University Portal, refer to this page.


Advance payment and tuition fees

If you have been offered a position, an advance payment is a condition for securing it. The amount of the advance payment is not refundable in any case whatsoever. For more information regarding the advance payment, the tuition fees and the payment methods, refer to this page.


Contact us for more information

For more information, please contact the Student Services and Information Center [email:, tel. +357 25 002710/11], or the Department directly [email:].


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