The second round of application submissions has started. Application deadline for the second round: Until June 30, 2024.

MSc in Management: Entrepreneurship and Small and Medium Entreprise Management


The purpose of the MSc in Management: Entrepreneurship and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Management is to help entrepreneurs and managers develop skills in regards to organizing, controlling and managing the risks associated with new and small enterprises. It will also provide students with the knowledge and skills related to entrepreneurship and the process of identifying ideas, designing new business models, and developing business ideas into sustainable enterprises. In particular, the program is expected to:

  • Develop managers who are effective in managing new and small enterprises.
  • Help students understand the concept of entrepreneurship as well as the basic principles and process of entrepreneurship.  
  • Provide students with necessary expertise to be able to realize an idea into a successful business.
  • Train students on how to manage in resource-constrained environments and on how to grow small enterprises sustainably.

The aim of the Program is to prepare managers in order to combine knowledge in management, entrepreneurship and small and medium-sized enterprises to achieve the maximum performance for their companies.

Graduates will have the opportunity to acquire fundamental knowledge required for:

  • Developing management skills and functional expertise
  • Identifying innovative ideas through creative thinking
  • Developing, evaluating and planning business ideas using ‘lean’ tools, sustainability studies, and business plans
  • Incarnating and implementation of ideas through the establishment and operation of a new venture 
  • Developing and growing an enterprise through detection of market opportunities and access of critical resources 
  • Learning how to be effective leaders and problem solvers
  • Creating innovative and competitive businesses


Acquiring a Master’s degree requires a total of 90 ECTS including either a Master's Thesis completion or management training (with an applied research project) which receives 30 ECTS. There are compulsory and specialized modules in the postgraduate curriculum.

The Master's Degree Programme in Entrepreneurship and Small and Medium Enterprise Management is offered in full-time or part-time attendance. In the case of full-time attendance the postgraduate programme is completed in three (3) academic semesters and in the case of part-time attendance it may be completed in four (4) to eight (8) academic semesters. In any case, the programme is completed with the successful submission of the Master Thesis or Management Training (with an applied research project). 



1st Semester
MGT 520   Strategic Management of Hospitality Firms  6
MGT 540  

Financial Analysis and Decisions

MGT 550  

Managing Human Resources & OB


Specialization Elective Course


Specialization Elective Course

   Total 30
2nd Semester
MGT 560 Strategic Marketing 6
MGT 590   Research Methods 6
MGT 5ΧΧ   Specialization Elective Course 6
MGT 5ΧΧ   Specialization Elective Course 6
MGT 5ΧΧ   Specialization Elective Course 6
   Total  30
3rd Semester

MGT 580  


MGT 591

Master Thesis 


Management Training (with an applied Research Project)



Specialisation Elective Courses

MGT 510 Principles of Entrepreneurship 6
MGT 511 Designing and Managing New Business Models 6
MGT 512 Management and Growth of Startups and SMEs 6
MGT 513 Innovation Management 6
MGT 514 Leadership in start-up businesses and SMEs 6
MGT 515 Corporate Governance and Ethics 6
MGT 516 International Entrepreneurship 6



Holders of a degree from a recognized University, or holders of a degree that has been considered equivalent to a University degree by the Cyprus Council of Recognition of Higher Education Qualifications (KY.S.A.T.S.) are eligible to apply for a Master's Degree. Also, undergraduate students who are expected to be awarded a University degree before the beginning of the Master’s programme can also apply for this programme.

Candidates are informed of the results of their application by receiving a message at the electronic address they provided upon submission of their application and through the University Portal.

For a complete application, candidates must submit electronically the following:

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited higher-educational institution.
  • Official Transcripts
  • Personal CV which exhibits relevant professional and academic qualifications 
  • Personal interview with the candidate (if deemed necessary)
  • Short essay (500 words) in which the candidate explains the reasoning for choosing the particular program by describing his/her academic and research interests in relation to future career plans.